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Sales and marketing automation shouldn’t be something that costs you an arm and a leg. It shouldn’t be something that you have to build and set up yourself. It shouldn’t be something that gives you daily headaches with no return.

This is why we have been building The Virtual Tour Sales Pro Platform for the past 7 months. It consists of a CRM that is connected to sales funnels, email campaigns, marketing automation funnels and more. The speed and features of our platform are on par with some of the best CRM’s, sales funnel builders and marketing automation software out there.

Virtual Tour CRM System

A CRM system is a vital part of any business. But what is even more vital, is that your CRM connects to all aspects of your sales and marketing operations to ensure that leads are nurtured correctly. Our platform has a detailed reporting system built in so you never miss a lead again.

Sales Funnels

To grow your business you need to automate your marketing campaigns to ensure new leads are created and nurtured.  We provide prebuilt virtual tour sales funnels to ensure this happens. Your business can brand out white-labelled e-books and showcase what you have to offer in the best way possible.

Landing Pages

With over 50 landing pages, covering over 15 industries, you can approach any client. The landing pages are connected to your virtual tour CRM and sales funnels to ensure that no lead slips through the cracks. With our platform it is possible to present yourself as an expert in any niche market overnight. This is the most comprehensive collection of professionally built landing pages available for virtual experience businesses.

Email Marketing & SMTP Provider

Deliverability is always an issue when it comes to email marketing. All of our packages include an SMTP provider so this worry becomes a thing of the past. We have prebuilt email nurturing campaigns for every industry that you can plug into instantly.

Contract Manager

We don’t just focus on the pre-sales procedures of running a virtual tour business. We also have features to help you successfully close deals and manage your contracts. We have over ten contract templates that cover your services agreements with your clients, employee contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements and commission agreements for partners or sales representatives.

Legal E-Signatures

You can collect legally binding e-signatures within all of your contracts. This information will be stored on the CRM and attached to the specific contract.

Appointment System

Your business can use our calendar and appointment scheduling system to book new sales appointments. This can be integrated with your Google calendar and zoom accounts. All new appointments will be synced to your CRM also so you will never have to search for details again.

SMS Marketing

We have a direct integration with four different SMS providers so you can send out SMS messages in your sales funnels, appointment system and directly from your CRM. With the most popular option, Twilio, you can pay as you go or sign up to one of their plans and connect to your platform in a matter of minutes.

Sales Pipelines

You can sync your leads with a built in sales pipeline to keep track of your deals. You can manually add them as a new deal or add new contacts and then add them to your pipelines. New lead will be automatically added to your pipelines depending on how they interact with your platform – example, download an e-book, book an appointment, fill in a contact form.

Detailed Reporting

The platform has a built in reporting system so you can get a high level overview of your campaigns and tool. This will allow you to analyse the best performing campaigns, emails and landing pages and turn your business into a high performing sales and marketing machine.

Link Tracking

Link tracking is an advanced marketing tool that will help you separate the cold leads from the hot leads. You can start new sales funnels, track engagement and create new actions based on your customers or leads behaviour.


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